Safe Cities Conference

The 2017 Safe Cities Conference was held in Brisbane on the 12 July and featured a variety of keynote and concurrent presenters who shared their expertise on managing safety and security within our vibrant communities.

This year’s conference program was designed around the theme of community and public safety. Topics such as digital safety and security, crime prevention and the design of safe neighbourhoods were discussed, and new ideas emerged.

We would like to thank all of our speakers, partners and delegates who participated in this year’s event. Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated and we are looking forward to welcoming you all back next year!

2018 Conference dates will be announced in the coming weeks.

The Resource Centre will be available shortly for the conference delegates. This will include podcasts of the presentations, photos and some PowerPoint presentations. Please do not hesitate to contact the Conference Secretariat should you have any questions.

Delegate Feedback

“The presentations I went to were really interesting and engaging- my biggest problem was that I had problems choosing between them!”

“It was very good to see what local governments were practicing and what others were interested in”

“The conference format and content were perfect”

“All keynotes were great and provided a varied and compelling series of presentations”

Confirmed Keynotes

  • Dr Garner Clancey – Senior Lecturer (Criminology), Sydney Law School, The University of Sydney
  • Professor, Dr Geoff Dean, Director of International Programs for Policing, Security & Terrorism Studies, Griffith Criminology Institute (GCI),  Griffith University
  • Professor Brian Lovell – Director, Advanced Surveillance Group, School of ITEE, UQ
  • Anthony Morgan – Research Manager for Crime Prevention and Evaluation Research, Australian Institute of Criminology
  • Professor John Toumbourou – CEO, Communities That Care
  • Wayne Tufek – Director, Cyber Risk

Topics to be discussed at the Safe Cities Conference:

  1. Urban Safety
  2. Public Safety and Security
  3. Role of Local Government in Community Safety
  4. Digital Intelligence
  5. Safety – Reality vs Perceptions
  6. Promoting Safety and Reducing Crime within our Communities
  7. Crime and Violence Prevention

Conference Advisory Committee

  • Dean Griggs | Manager Social Investment | Municipal Recovery Manager | City Communities, City of Melbourne (Chair)
  • Nancy Pierorazio | Senior Policy Officer City Safety | Social Investment branch, City of Melbourne
  • Tony Lake | International Chair | International Crime Prevention through Environment Design (CPTED) Association
  • John Maynard | Senior Project Coordinator | City of Sydney
  • Dr Marcus White | PhD RAIA, Architect, Assistant Dean IT | Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning | University of Melbourne

Who Should Attend

  • Community Development and Safety Professionals
  • Architects, Urban Designers, Town Planners, Place Makers and Planning Professionals
  • Safety and Security Industry Professionals
  • Politicians, Senior Public Servants, City Governance Personnel, Public Health Administrators and Mayors
  • State and Federal Government agencies and departments
  • Non-Government agencies
  • Community Groups, Youth and Women Support Groups
  • Police and Law Enforcement Representatives
  • Justice and Crime Prevention
  • Policy & Researchers including Criminologist and Academics
  • Community Development and Community Services Managers
  • Youth Services Managers
  • Private Sector Security Professionals
  • Police & Law Enforcement Agency representatives
  • Councillors
  • Representatives of other community-focused organisations
  • Academics