Enhance the physical security of your building and achieve full control over the flow of entry with Vertex Security’s wide-array of turnstile access control solutions from the world’s leading brands.

Turnstile entry systems are one of the most efficient ways to provide enhanced security, crowd control and loss prevention by managing access and monitoring attendance through internal or external entry points, for example main lobby areas, employee entrances, elevators and more.

Whether you require state-of-the-art optical turnstiles, waist-high turnstiles, swing-arm turnstiles or full-height turnstiles, we have the ideal solution to meet your physical access control requirements.

A leading New York City turnstile system installer, Vertex Security has helped hospitals and healthcare facilities, commercial office buildings, construction sites and educational institutions ensure orderly traffic flow, maintain accurate and monitored attendance and restrict passage to authorized individuals. Our vast experience and expertise in the field of turnstile access control systems enables us to provide best-in-class physical security solutions for long-lasting performance in high volume environments.

Interested in installing a state-of-the-art turnstile entry system? Our experts will help you choose and install a high-quality turnstile access control solution based on your complete set of security and integration needs.



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