Vertex Security’s wide range of state-of-the-art IP Network Cameras offer the most precise, detailed and comprehensive security video coverage while presenting advanced 24/7 remote monitoring capabilities for accessing live or recorded video feeds.

What Are IP Network Cameras?

As opposed to an analog camera, an IP camera is a digital video camera used for surveillance that can send and receive real-time information through the internet or network such as the Ethernet.

Ideal for both on-site and off-site applications and interior and exterior use, IP network cameras offer the most focused and comprehensive video coverage exactly where you need it. IP network cameras present almost limitless capabilities when accessing either live or recorded video feeds, enabling to remotely monitor activity on any premises 24/7 via any connected work station, from PCs to smartphones and tablets.

Available in many shapes and sizes, including Dome, Bullet, Body/Box, Fisheye, PTZ, Megapixel, Vandal Proof and Night Vision cameras, IP network security cameras offer significant benefits and functionalities over traditional analog cameras that enhance greater control and management of live and recorded video data.

Amongst the main benefits:

  • Maximum flexibility, reliability and scalability
  • Convenience of Power over Ethernet
  • Wireless networking including encryption capabilities
  • High quality megapixel and HDTV resolution
  • Pro-active intelligent analysis, monitoring and notification: facial recognition, motion, direction of motion, loitering, object removal, or attempts to sabotage the camera
  • Cost effective in large scale systems and public areas

Quality security cameras are the core of an effective surveillance system. Contact us today for more information about a custom-tailored IP Network Camera system guaranteed to meet your facility’s unique environment, lighting conditions and security needs.

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